How to Make the Most of a Business Trip

A business trip might require work first, but that doesn't mean you can't have any fun

Credit: Flickr/kaptainkobold

Plan some time to explore your destination during your next business trip

Business trips can feel like a missed opportunity to see a destination. Use these tips to make the most of your time away

Whether you travel for work occasionally or regularly, you can make it more enjoyable and worthwhile by making time to see some sights while you’re away.

Many people who travel quite often for business are eager to get home to their families and everyday lives, but taking that extra bit of time to enjoy sights at a new destination can make a trip feel less lonely.

How to Make Your Next Business Trip Feel More Like a Personal Vacation

  • Plan your timeframe. Unless you’re travelling for less than a day, your arrival and departure times are important for making the most out of a business trip. If you want more time at your destination, make sure you arrive as early as possible and leave as late as is feasible. This way you carve out the maximum amount of time at your location, giving you extra opportunities to see areas of interest.
  • Do your research. Before leaving, do the same type of travel research you would do for a personal vacation. Even if you’re travelling to a place that is of little personal interest, look up the recommended activities for the area and you might be surprised by what you find.
  • Travel right. It is important to stay healthy on a flight – you need to keep hydrated to prevent fatigue. Avoid consuming too much coffee or alcohol, as you don’t want to arrive at your destination wired or tipsy. By remaining rested and alert, you can make the most of the time you have at your destination.
  • Make the commitment. Travel is tiring even at the best of times – especially when it bookends a tough work schedule. But if you’re really interested in using your free time to sightsee, you’ve got to get out there. Instead of taking a nap, go for a walk and explore the area around your hotel or conference centre. You never know what you’ll find just a few blocks away.
  • Work with what you have. If you’re travelling somewhere you want to take the time to sightsee, ask if you can add some personal time to the trip. One of the benefits of exploring during a business trip is that you don’t have to pay for airfare, only the extra nights’ accommodations and incidentals.

Travelling for work can often times be boring and tiring. But if you plan it right, it can also be a great opportunity for some new travel experiences.