How to Make Your Vacation Healthier

This summer you can be a beach bum without adding on extra pounds

Credit: Flickr/ Ed Yourdon

Sneak a little exercise into your vacation and come home healthier for it

Feel better after your vacation than you did before you left with these tips

For many people, going on vacation means coming back heavier and lazier than when they left.

Spending long, languid days by the pool, eating indulgent food and drinking the night away with sugary cocktails is often the norm on holiday. This is especially true if you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort.

But more and more, people are trying to maintain their healthy fitness and diet routines even while on vacation. Here are some key to come home feeling better and healthier.

Unplugged Vacations

If your beeping Blackberry, flooded inbox and evening work on the couch are weighing you down, an unplugged vacation might be just what the doctor ordered. Some resorts and hotels are combating our growing addiction to technology by removing Wi-Fi or the TV from their isolated grounds. Instead, you are encouraged to relax and replenish with services like yoga and meditation, perfect for quieting your mind.

Athletic Vacations

Destination races are incredibly popular, particularly marathons and triathlons. And there’s no shortage of places to go – all year round, all over the world. This trend is fuelled by the growing participation in mega sporting events like the New York and London marathons.

Weight-loss Vacations

TV shows like The Biggest Loser have helped peak interest in resorts that offer fitness training, healthy meal options and group motivation.

Healthier In-flight Meals

Airlines like Air Canada and Virgin America offer the healthiest in-flight food, says a recent nutritional survey. Both airlines offer options like oatmeal, vegetarian sandwiches, hummus, nuts and tuna. 

Healthier Cruise Ships

Cruises usually equal 24-hour buffets, unlimited calorie-laden drinks, and all-around overindulgence. In 2012, cruise lines are offering more ways to experiment with fitness trends or at least keep up with your daily workout regimen. Think yoga, pilates, personal trainers, organized walks around the deck, and even pools with waves for resistance swimming.

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