Make Your Travel Time More Efficient

Take the stress out of travel by following a few simple tips to make the most of your time ?

Credit: redjar

You’ll go through security faster if you plan your travel clothes carefully

Are you one of those people who can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to get things done?

Well, at least you can find ways to make your travel more efficient. Here are some ideas to make travel a lot simpler:

  • Travel extremely light. If there’s anything that can guarantee easier passage through security, and fewer delays at your destination, it’s by travelling with carry-on luggage only. And believe me, you can pack a lot into the allowable bag size.

  • Think carefully about your travel clothes and accessories before you leave home. Wear items like slip-on shoes, belts with plastic buckles instead of metal and simple clothing that doesn’t require elaborate searching when you reach the security line. This will also save you time.

  • Use travel delays to your advantage. If you program important numbers into your phone in advance — such as that of your airline, car rental company, shuttle service or hotel — you can make a few calls and inform anyone who needs to know that you’re going to be late.
 Having phone numbers on hand can also come in handy when you need someone else to do some work for you. You can get the front desk at your hotel to call you a cab, make a dinner reservation or organize a day trip you had been planning. This will save you from looking after these details once you arrive at your destination.

  • Get a seat at the front of the plane. You’ll get on last, leaving you more time to get stuff done before you board — and it also allows you to get off the plane first.

  • Fly direct if you can. You should also try to fly early in the day when there are fewer delays and cancellations, as well as fewer people in the airport. You may even want to consider using alternate airports that can be less crowded — and sometimes even closer to your hotel. They’re also likely to have fewer flights, meaning fewer delays.

  • Make use of technology. If you have a BlackBerry, WorldMate Live is a free app that acts like your own personal assistant with the ability to organize an itinerary, sync with your calendar and check out weather forecasts. If you pay for the upgrade, you can get flight alerts for more than 175 airlines, as well as alternate flight suggestions should you need to reschedule.

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