Seven Travel Apps to Get the Most Out of Your Trip

Load your phone with these travel apps to make everything from packing, hotel bookings and getting around stress-free

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Take better photos while you’re away with a simply travel app

Try these travel apps to take better photos, organize your travel plans, make last-minute bookings and find your way around – wherever you are

Whether you’re looking to take better photos with your smartphone, or navigate a foreign city more successfully, there’s an app for that! The best way to determine if an app is any good is to download it and try it out. Some have too many bells and whistles, some don’t have enough features, and though it often comes down to personal preference, here are a few travel apps that are tried and tested.

Download these Travel Apps

Whether you’re standing at the base of Machu Picchu or on the beach in Jamaica, Photosynth’s Interactive Panorama Capture makes the best of your phone’s camera by stitching together your photos to create panoramic images.

Prepare to be amazed and share that amazement with your friends – send 360-degree views to friends and family while you’re abroad.


FlightAware is the easiest, no-frills app to track your flight. Just provide your airline and flight number and let FlightAware do the rest.

If you accept the push notifications feature, you will receive updates on flight delays, gate changes, or cancellations.


Tripit acts like your own personal assistant. It links all of your reservations and confirmation numbers together and organizes them into one itinerary.

This really comes in handy!


Hotel Tonight
For flexible travellers – or even those who would like to spend the night in a local hotel – Hotel Tonight is for you. It’s a last-minute hotel booking app for anyone looking for a same-day stay.

You can book a seriously discounted room at one of the hottest local hotels. Definitely great for an impromptu night out locally, or for those flexible road trips.


Packing Pro
Packing Pro is a great app for preparing for a trip.

It allows you to create different packing lists by category, as well as schedule reminders.



Gate Guru
Gate Guru helps you navigate airports to locate the best food, shopping and service options all at the touch of a button.

It’s great for long layovers in unfamiliar airports.


The Everytrail GPS
The Everytrail GPS App guides you through an unfamiliar city with an easy-to-follow street map and graphical compass. Everytrail will highlight road names and places of interest, as well as statistics on the journey such as elevation and trip duration. You can even plot photos and videos on your map instantly, then upload those to Facebook and Twitter.

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