Tips for Travelling with Teenagers

These travel ideas will make vacation time easier on your teen and the whole family

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Leave some of the vacation planning to your teen; they’ll feel more involved and interested

Travelling with your teen takes planning, compromise and an ideal destination

Anyone who has ever travelled with a surly teenager in tow knows how difficult they can be to please during any family time, let alone during an entire family vacation.

For many families, the hardest part may be finding a vacation time that works for everyone. Working around school and after-school activities can be a chore. Be sure to sit down with everyone before settling on a date.

If you can avoid a mopey teen because they are missing a basketball game or school dance…do it!

Cruises and All-inclusives

You may want to opt for a cruise or all-inclusive vacation. These usually have arranged activities for teens and you won’t have to think about shelling out cash every time they want a pop or ice cream.

And for those growing boys with hollow legs, you are bound to get your money’s worth with the all-you-can-eat options.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are usually a hit with teens as well. At Disneyland or Six Flags, for example, there are rides that are thrilling for kids young and old.

If you can afford it, try taking your teen on a big-ticket trip. Your child’s teenage years may be the perfect time to head to a once-in-a-lifetime destination. Think Paris or Egypt. Somewhere they may not be able to see once they are out on their own with their own money.

Planning Special Activities

Once you decide where to go, hand over some of the in-destination activity planning to your teenager. Most teens are much savvier than adults online nowadays. 

Let them do something “adult.” For example, take them to a Broadway show, dine at a posh fine-dining restaurant, or even get a spa treatment. These experiences tend to be the most memorable for teens.

While you might be content heading out to explore first thing in the morning, your teen would likely rather sleep in. Let your teens sleep in as much as your schedule allows. It’s a win-win situation. They are happy to sleep in, and you have time for an early morning activity.  

And finally, you may want to consider letting your teen bring a friend. If it isn’t too costly and the friend’s parents agree to it, this may be a great option for keeping everyone happy.

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