Vancouver Photographers: Great Locations for Stunning Photos

Pick up your camera, it's time to shoot Vancouver.

Credit: Flickr / MagnusL3D

Vancouver is a photographer’s paradise, offering locations that produce dazzling photos


There’s no question that Vancouver is one of Canada’s most photogenic cities. With its distinct neighbourhoods, world-renowned parks, bustling downtown atmosphere and breathtaking view of the ocean, Vancouver is bursting at the seams with creative visuals.


If you’ve got a camera and you’re looking for some inspiration, these are some of the best places in the city to snap a one-of-a-kind shot.

Stanley Park

There’s plenty of wildlife to photograph at Stanley Park. (Image: Flickr / Hlkljgk)

Stanley Park is probably the most popular spot for photographers in Vancouver. Wildlife, people, nature—it has everything. Visiting the Vancouver Aquarium offers a chance to photograph animals and marine life that most people never get to see. Day or night, Stanley Park offers the most diverse photo opportunities in the city.


Vancouver harbour

The harbour is great for industrial and seaside shots. (Image: Flickr / Patrick Doheny)


For some industrial-looking photos, take a stroll around the Vancouver harbour. From Stanley Park to the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, there are old factories, shipping ports and railroad tracks aplenty. On a sunny day, the North Shore Mountains make for a spectacular backdrop.


Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park has amazing photographic potential, just be sure to watch out for the disc golf players. (Image: Flickr / p.m.graham)


Head to Queen Elizabeth Park any time of the year and you’ll be guaranteed to walk away with a memorable photo. Beautiful gardens, elegant fountains and mountain-backed cityscapes offer a variety of shots. The Bloedel Conservatory also offers a great chance to photograph birds, fish and tropical plants.



The markets in Chinatown offer photographers a chance to shoot some very unique food. (Image: Flickr / Chrystian Guy)


Chinatown has a lot to offer the intrepid photographer. From the vibrant markets to the serene Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden, Chinatown can adapt to whatever creative mood strikes you. This is a great location for nighttime and long exposure photography.


City Streets

Vancouver’s streets can be transformed into works of art with the aid of a camera. (Image: Flickr / Kennymatic)


There are always great shots to be found on the streets of Vancouver, with so many terrific spots it’s impossible to pick just one location (thankfully you won’t have to). The tree-lined side roads around Dunbar are particularly nice in the fall, but all of Vancouver’s streets offer great photographic opportunities. Busy city streets are great for time exposure photography at night.