Summer in Portland: 3 Things to Do

Think Portlandia has shown you everything this city has to offer? You haven't seen anything yet

Credit: Flickr / Great Beyond

Like you needed an excuse to visit. The Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest, Oregon Brewfest and The Bite of Oregon are all happening this summer

Book an extra-long weekend and stay on the I-5 until Portland’s in sight, then discover for yourself why Portlandia is more documentary than spoof.

Credit: Flickr / Eric Michael1

Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest

When: June 21
Where: Cannon Beach
Cost: $5 for kids six and under, $15 for ages 7-18, and $20 for groups over the age of 18

If a coastal escape is more your style, skip the I-5 in favour of the Pacific Coast Highway and head straight to Cannon Beach’s annual Sandcastle Contest. It’s the 50th anniversary of this ephemeral display of epic sand-sculpting abilities, and thousands of day-trippers will head to the popular beach-side town normally known for its more permanent rocky outcrops.

Oregon Brewfest

When: July 23-27
Where: Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Cost: Admission is free. $7 for a tasting glass, $4 for a full glass,
$1 for a taste

Portland’s reputation as a destination for some of the best craft beers in the region is encapsulated in Oregon Brewfest’s four days of sudsy sipping. This year you’ll find 88 of the finest U.S. craft brews (including gluten-free options) on offer at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. We’ll drink to that.

The Bite of Oregon

When: August 8-10
Where: Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Cost: General admission $5 per day

If you’re heading down to Portland, do yourself a favour and eat – a lot. Noshing is the name of the game at The Bite of Oregon, the region’s largest culinary festival. Taste the best of Oregon’s vibrant culinary scene with a chef’s table, restaurants, food carts as well as beer to wash it all down.