Best Spots to Catch a Sunrise and Sunset in Vancouver

B.C.'s fitness who's who share their go-to spots to catch a sunrise and sunset

Credit: Ella Jotie 

Fitness fanatics. They’re up and running at the break of dawn and don’t stop until dusk, so who better to ask where to catch the best sunrises and sunsets in town?

Ella Jotie, Co-Founder and Creator, Barre Fitness 

“Nothing beats the view from my northeast-facing patio in East Vancouver. I’m blessed enough to get the view from my bedroom window too. Every morning before I get out of bed, I look out the window and take a moment to fully soak in the sun rising over the North Shore mountains.

“In that moment, I take three deep breaths and choose three points of gratitude in my life. I call this my three-breath morning meditation. It’s amazing how powerful those few seconds are in fuelling me for the day. It has become an important part of my wellness routine as an entrepreneur.

“Next, I find my way onto the patio (coffee and green juice in hand) for a morning Barre Fitness online workout, using the patio railing as my barre.”

Credit: Tommy Europe 

Tommy Europe, Celebrity Fitness Expert

“I’m all about the sunset and nothing beats Third Beach in Stanley Park. I jump on my roller blades and look forward to the sunset on the stretch of beach after “Pineapple Rock” [aka Siwash Rock]. Nothing says a day well done better then that.”

Credit: Kristy Wright Schell 

Kristy Wright Schell, President, Just Add Water Yoga & Stand Up Paddle Vancouver

“My favourite place to catch the sunrise is on the ocean, specifically Third Beach by Siwash Rock. The morning hours (6:30 to 7 a.m.) on the water are quiet and special. There is an amazing energy in this area of Siwash Rock and the nature nurtures our mind, body and spirit.

“Often I get to share the joy of the sun rising over the beautiful trees with seals, otters and am still hopeful for some orcas. Also, paddling with friends and sharing the magic of Stand Up Paddling with new and old friends is just wonderful—truly connecting. The added perk is you get an awesome leg and core workout without even noticing. Some mornings we even stretch into some yoga poses.”

Credit: Chad Benson

Chad Benson, Director of Education, BCPTI & Director of Fitness Education, SNFC

“West Beach in White Rock is my favourite place to end a hilly heart-pounding run. While I’m there, I commonly catch up on nerdy journal reading, self-myofascial release and long overdue mobility work—of course all while enjoying a long-pour Americano, views of White Rock Pier and Mount Baker. I am a fair-weather individual, so I prefer the warmth of sunset to the crispness of sunrise.”

Credit: Gerard Recio

Gerard Recio, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist & TRX Course Instructor

“Living in the West End definitely has it perks and après work sunsets are one of them. After a long day at work, there is nothing better to motivate you to go for a run than an amazing view of the sun setting over the water and mountains.

“I’ve got a quick “5-km energize-me” out-and-back route where I start from Sunset Beach and follow the seawall to English Bay, and then out past Second Beach Pool (approximately 500 m), to a tree that splits the bike and walking paths. From there, I turn around and retrace my route back to Sunset Beach. The views clear my mind and give me energy to keep going. The only reason I stop is to post a pic to my social networks.”

Geoff Bagshaw, Global Fitness Pro & Equinox, Group Fitness Manager

“It might be a bit cliché, but there’s nothing like an early morning run around the Stanley Park seawall. When you come around and get a glimpse of the sunrise in the east with the city skyline, Canada Place and the convention centre in the foreground, it never ceases to impress… and makes that early morning alarm so worth it!”

Credit: Suzy Kaitman

Suzy Kaitman, Owner & Founder, Ballet Lounge® & Ballet Fit™

“I would have to say my fave spot to go catch the sunset is Third Beach in Stanley Park (I am not a morning person!). I love riding my bike and having a nice little picnic with my boyfriend.

“I have not yet had a chance to go this year as I have recently opened the Ballet Lounge, and it’s where I have been spending most of my time. I hope to catch one of Vancouver’s beautiful sunsets soon!”

Credit: Nicole Marcia 

Nicole Marcia, Yoga Therapist, Fine Balance Yoga

“This is a photo of the start of the sunset on Saturna Island. I have been coming here for 42 years with family and friends, and it remains my favourite place on the planet. On the cliff is my nine-year-old nephew Anthony (a.k.a. The Chalupa) looking out for sea lions and plotting his next magic trick.”

Credit: Chris Manansala

Chris Manansala, Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Rehab Therapist

“After a long work week, I like watching the sun set at English Bay following a long walk along the seawall. Watching the sun slowly sink into the ocean is achingly beautiful. I am always a little sad to see the day end, but grateful to know it will rise again the next day. Bathing in the deep orange-red light, my heart is warmed far more than my body.”