Five Spots to Take in a Picture-Perfect Vancouver Sunset

Our five favourite places to watch the sun go down.

Get the best seat in the house for the Vancouver’s greatest natural show: the setting sun

Take in a Vancouver sunset from one of five top locations

Vancouverites don’t take a little sunshine for granted. After months of watching raindrops trickle down our windowpanes, we’re more enthusiastic than ever when the sun decides to make an appearance.

At Granville we’re all about making the most of every last ray of sunshine, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite spots to watch a Vancouver sunset this summer.

English Bay

Mention the sunset in Vancouver and people's thoughts immediately drift towards English Bay. Oh English Bay, where the young and old of Vancouver flock when the sun is out. Where roller bladers whiz by in fluorescent spandex, where puppies take strolls in doggy perambulators, and finally, where you can catch one heck of a sunset.

Grab a blanket and someone you fancy and then plop yourself down on the grass to take in a spectacular sunset with hundreds of your fellow Vancouverites.

If you’re feeling a little bit extravagant, check out the Boathouse English Bay and enjoy the same spectacular view, accompanied by gourmet food and a drop (or bottle) of local wine.

Grouse Mountain

If we’re talking about the best seat in the house, then Grouse Mountain is right at the top of the list. A handy 15-minute drive out of town and then a quick gondola ride up onto the mountain will bring you to the perfect spot to watch the sun set over the sea and city below.

If you time it just right you can catch the sunset while suspended in mid-air, or if you’re feeling rather epicurean, make a reservation at the Observatory restaurant and feast your eyes on the sunset while you chow down on Fraser Valley duck breast or a piece of tender, local venison.

The Seawall

Who says you have to be stationary to take in a sunset? Grab your walking shoes and head for the seawall to catch the sunset on the go.

If at some point you become so enamored by the pinks and oranges of the setting sun (we imagine you will), you can stop and sit down wherever you like, feet dangling over the wall while you enjoy the view. With a setting like this, feel free to contemplate the meaning of life. We recommend it.

Cloud 9 revolving restaurant

Vancouver’s revolving restaurant, Cloud 9, is a novel way to enjoy a Vancouver sunset. Grab a bunch of your favourite amigos, including someone afraid of heights to keep the evening interesting, and head up to Cloud 9 on the 42nd floor of the Empire Landmark Hotel.

Enjoy an amazing 360-degree view of Vancouver from Cloud 9’s outrageously large windows as the restaurant turns, turns, turns. A perfect spot to get a little tipsy over a few cocktails and watch the sun do its magnificent thing.

Wreck beach

Enjoy a beautiful, albeit quirky, sunset experience at Vancouver’s famous "clothing optional" beach. In the daylight, Wreck beach is known for people swimming and sunbathing in their birthday suits, but when the evening rolls around, all eyes are on the setting sun over the water.

In summer, the Wreck drumming sessions begin just before sunset, an apt soundtrack for the gorgeous display of nature. Check out a sunset at Wreck beach and be reminded of the awesome diversity of this city.