Interesting Vancouver

Interesting Vancouver to be an orgy of interesting people discussing interesting things.

Credit: Flickr / James Chutter

Interesting Vancouver to be an orgy of interesting things and spontaneous learning among interesting people

Looking for something different and interesting to do on a Friday night? Check out Interesting Vancouver, a fun-filled night of interesting speakers discussing all sorts of interesting stuff that you’ve likely never heard of.

I’m excited!

The multi-disciplinary event “seeks to impart new knowledge about things you’ve never known or thought about. Open up parallel thinking ports. Activate parts of your brain that for even the brainiest person may have been neglected or unexplored. There will be a degree of spontaneity, unexpected moments and learning. This is what makes it exciting.”

Last year’s inaugural event was a sell out, and there’s no reason to think this year’s won’t be the same, as 15 will take the stage for either 10 or 3-minute talks on such topics as where all our salmon went, the science of sweetness, how to make a virtuoso violin and the art of humiliating oneself, as well as a contributing editor from Wired UK and the director of CBC Radio 3 talking about who knows what, but certainly something interesting.

No one is being paid to speak, and apparently even speakers must pay the $25 ticket price, which pays for the food and venue, with any leftovers being donated to charity.

Interesting Vancouver organizer (and DDB advertising exec) Brett MacFarlane established the event specifically to see “what kinds of interesting”—there’s that word again—“and different things we can do with the media,” he says. “Hence the sponsor free nature of the event to ensure complete flexibility and creative opportunity on everybody’s end.”

And it’s that freedom that he hopes will lend itself to an inspiring event of interesting and interested Vancouverites, exchanging ideas and gorging on each other creative juices.

Interesting Vancouver 2009 is being held tonight, October 23, at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Coal Harbour.

Check out the Interesting Vancouver blog for details about each speaker, the menu and what to expect. Register here.