A gratefully local Thanksgiving menu, plus recipes

This Thanksgiving, give thanks to the nearby farms that fill our plates with a bounty of food.

Credit: Flickr / Nicholas_T


Add the local flavour this year

At Thanksgiving it’s customary to take the opportunity to be grateful for what we have. And we’re extremely fortunate to live in a city like Vancouver with its high standard of living, beautiful scenery, cultural diversity and, most importantly at this time of year, proximity to some of the most productive and versatile farmland in the world.


What better way to celebrate than by eating locally this Thanksgiving.


Click the links below for recipes that incorporate locally sourced ingredients for a homegrown Thanksgiving menu.


Local, gourmet Thanksgiving menu

Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing

Cranberry sauce

Roasted potatoes and parsnips

Brussel sprouts


Plus, find a map here to help you source your ingredients from nearby farms.


No time to cook?

Just because you’re too busy to make a feast from scratch doesn’t mean you have to compromise for a drugged-up turkey and canned cranberry sauce from Maine. Let the folks at Indishpensable prepare your Thanksgiving meal for you, using the ingredients you’d use in your own kitchen. The company is committed to creating gourmet meals, which you cook at home, that feature local and seasonal ingredients.

If you’re looking to host a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner but could use a little help, check out Indish’s Thanksgiving menu for a dazzling spread that’s all ready to pop in the oven and serve.