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Health & Fitness
5 Foods to Combat Cold and Flu Season

As we near the winter months (yes, we’re that close), we need to be prepared for the change in temperature...

Health & Fitness
Eat Vegetables With This for Better Heart Health

Eating your veggies may be just as effective as Aspirin to thin the blood for heart-health benefits, several studies suggest.

3 Gourmet Camping Recipes

Veggie pasta salad, Bolognese, chickpea burger—just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to eat junk food

Food & Drink
Watermelon Mint Refresher Recipe

The combination of watermelon, citrus and herbs in this blended drink will keep you cool even in the hottest temperatures

Health & Fitness
5 Healthy Summer Treats

Summer means festivals, beach trips and BBQs. And what’s common to find at all of these activities? Food. Calgary-based Kristyn...

Health & Fitness
Why Everyone's Crazy for Cashews

Cashew-strawberry cheesecake, cashew milk lattes, artisan smoky cashew cheese, cashew ice cream... Consumers around the world are finding creative uses...

Health & Fitness
When Should You Be Eating Carbs?

Over the years, low-carb diet trends have made carbohydrates unpopular. But active people need unrefined carbs, says Toronto-based registered dietitian...

Local Food
5 Ways to Get Your Turmeric Fix in Vancouver

Known for its bright earthy flavour and vibrant orange-yellow colouring, turmeric has been celebrated for thousands of years for its...

Are Prepared Meal Services a Healthy Long-term Solution?

Prepared meal services are gaining popularity, especially for on-the-go professionals who value healthy eating but have limited time to prepare...

Foods to Get You on the Mend

For an extra boost to your immune system this cold season, try incorporating these superfoods into your regular diet

Is Cheese Good for Your Heart?

It has long been thought that saturated fat, the type in full-fat dairy foods, like cheese, yogurt and milk, clogs...

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

From kombucha to kimchi, fermented foods are gaining popularity as “functional foods” loaded with gut-friendly probiotics. So what do we...

What Do Cravings Really Mean?

While some reports suggest that intense food cravings are a sign of a nutritional deficiency, Kavanagh Danaher, a registered dietitian...

Why a Clean Pantry Means a Clean Diet

The contents of your pantry, cupboards and fridge are often where healthy eating goals fall off the rails, dietitian Patricia...

Top 5 Natural Health Trends 2016

While 2015 was a progressive year in nutrition with innovations like protein-enriched smoothies and healthy food bowls becoming diet staples...

5 Rituals for Mind-Body-Spirit Nutrition

Fueling ourselves should feel good, guilt-free and simple, but for many people that’s not the case. It wasn’t the case for...

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