10 Must-have Travel Items

Transform your trips by packing these can't-go-without travel items


When travelling, there are certain must-have items you won’t want to leave home without

There are a lot of travel products out there — some are gimmicky and some are very useful. Overall, what works for you is based on individual preference. But certain items are useful for everybody. Here are 10 items you shoud never travel without.

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Carry-on Bag

A great carry-on bag should be light, roomy and have external pockets for easy access to magazines, inflatable travel pillows and travel documents.

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Long-sleeved T-shirt

Choose a long-sleeved T-shirt that is stylish and lightweight. It’s a simple way to add extra warmth in flight.

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Cargo Pants

These are terrific if you can find a stylish pair. They are usually loose enough for hours of sitting, and the pockets come in handy.

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Comfortable Slip-on Shoes

Not having to unlace and retie saves both time and hassle.

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A pashmina belongs in your carry-on. You can wear it as a scarf in destination and it also makes for a cozy blanket on the plane.

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Good Headphones

They’re an effective way to tune out travel annoyance and tune in to a movie, your playlist or even just enjoy some sweet silence.

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Foldable Tote

Zip one into the front pocket of your luggage. It’s useful for shopping on your trip or to use as an extra carry-on bag if needed.

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Powdered Vitamin Supplement

Take a refillable water bottle empty through security then fill it up at a water fountain and add a package of supplement. Emergen-C is a good choice.

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Travel Candle

These can be very calming and help erase the smell of the hotel room. They come with a lid so they’ll travel well and are easy to reuse.

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Travelling with a tablet means you don’t have to lug around multiple books or newspapers. You can download everything wirelessly, and they work internationally.

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