Hastings-Sunrise Neighbourhood Guide

We ask CBC radio personality Grant Lawrence to play tour guide – find out where he eats, shops and hangs out in Hastings-Sunrise

Credit: Adam Blasberg (Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood) and Clinton Hussey (Grant Lawrence)

CBC radio personality Grant Lawrence reveals his favourite haunts in Hastings-Sunrise


“I have always lived west – West Van, West End, West Side – so it took some time for me to get used to living in Vancouver’s most eastern neighbourhood. But I love it now. It’s got great people, beautiful homes, kids everywhere and amazing views of the mountains. The ‘East Village’ has everything you need, and you have instant access to the highway.

“Unfortunately, people from right across Canada hear the street name ‘Hastings’ and immediately have negative connotations. It’s because of that stereotype that the business district of the neighbourhood rebranded to ‘East Village’ in an attempt to lure back shoppers. It’s a shame, because Hastings is very historic and our neighbourhood has really rebounded.

“Here’s a weird bit of history that not a lot of people know about Hastings-Sunrise. Back in the 1920s, developers attempted to brand the area ‘The Shaughnessy of the East’ to attract high-end buyers. Beautiful homes were built, but the plan never really panned out. For decades, the area has been a multicultural neighbourhood that borders industrial sites, and it is only now starting to see the types of clients those developers dreamed about almost a century ago.”

Click through for Grant’s favourite places to eat, drink, shop and play in Hastings-Sunrise.

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Fave Places to Eat in Hastings-Sunrise

“There are a ton of restaurants on every block of Hastings-Sunrise. Our favourites are Campagnolo Roma (Italian), Tacofino (West Coast) (pictured)El Pulgarcito (Salvadoran) and Tamam (Palestinian), as well as Bistro Wagon Rouge on Powell (French). The Slocan on Hastings has the best sunset patio in the neighbourhood, and Kessel and March on Powell is the place to go to get a great brunch and avoid the lineups of The Red Wagon and Yolks.”

Fave Places to Drink in Hastings-Sunrise

 “We’re really lucky to live right next door to Vancouver’s booming brewery district. The tasting rooms of Parallel 49 on Triumph, Bomber Brewing on Adanac and Powell Street Craft Brewery are always packed. They’ve become a fresh alternative to the somewhat stale pub culture in Vancouver. There’s just something about sitting down for a pint and knowing it was brewed 10 feet away from you that makes it taste that much better.”

Fave Places to Shop in Hastings-Sunrise

 “My wife loves Tiny Finery (pictured) on Hastings, which is filled with locally made, high-quality jewellery and gifts. I love the newly opened Horses Records, also on Hastings, which has an ever-growing selection of new and used vinyl and books and a hilarious Dazed and Confused-esque staff. We both really loved the new Farmers Market in Hastings Park. It launched on a trial run and we really hope it continues! It naturally boasts a great selection of local produce, meats and baked goods.”

Fave Places to Play in Hastings-Sunrise

“New Brighton Park is an easy bike ride from our house and has spectacular views of the North Shore Mountains. There’s also New Brighton Pool in the summer for our toddler Joshua, though I prefer swimming in the ocean at New Brighton beach even though the water is freezing that close to the Second Narrows. It’s also not uncommon to see either Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother or Mike Reno from Loverboy jogging through the park. I’ll leave you to guess which one jogs shirtless.”