Extraordinary Man’s Winter 2022 box is packed with everything you need to make the most of the season

Winter is traditionally a season to celebrate and recharge. After all the busy days of fall, we take a moment to spend time with friends and family and celebrate a new year.

This winter, we wanted to provide the Extraordinary Man family with a collection of favourites—products that were proven during our research to offer up major benefits for your skin, your style and your home as the seasons change. We called on some of the best designers and makers across Canada to gather items that will undoubtedly bolster and inspire.

With organic ingredients, an emphasis on the natural, and a dedication to cruelty-free, this collection has been specifically curated for our valued subscribers all over the country.

Here's a look inside our Winter 2022 #editorsbox...

1. Extraordinary Man Waffle Knit Beanie$25Extraordinary Man Waffle Knit Beanie

The beanie (or as we Canadians say, "toque") is an unapologetic staple in any winter wardrobe. Its no-frills style makes it a must-have and this grey, waffle-knit version, designed exclusively for subscribers of the Extraordinary Man box, provides warmth while also keeping you right on trend. 

2. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Body Wash in Oat Blossom, $9Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Body Wash in Oat Blossom

Known for their outstanding house cleaning products, Mrs. Meyers wants to clean you too! This creamy and fresh Oat Blossom body wash is made with essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Simply work up a lather in your hands, washcloth or loofah, suds up, and breathe in the lovely scent, then rinse. This product is cruelty-free.

3. Haven Living The Woods Pre-Shave Facial Scrub, $18Haven Living The Woods Pre-Shave Facial Scrub

Slough off dead skin and get photo-ready with the Pre-shave Facial Scrub from Vancouver Island’s Haven Living. It prevents ingrown hairs and provides the cleanest shave possible, all while exfoliating and protecting the skin’s natural moisture. Or add hot water to melt the natural sugar crystals and create a cleansing oil that’s ideal even for daily use.

4. Dermatech Gold Sculpting Bar, $49Dermatech Gold Sculpting Bar

Feel the good vibrations! This sleek gold device from Toronto-based DermaTech features sonic vibrational technology to imitate the effects of a professional facial massage. The motion stimulates skin cells, which in turns aids circulation, helping to lift and tone, increase elasticity and reduce puffiness. It also helps boost the effect of serums by effectively penetrating them into your skin. Use daily at the end of your skin care routine all over your face and neck. 

5. Scentuals Vanilla Mint Ambiance Mist, $12.95Scentuals Vanilla Mint Ambiance Mist

This pure essential-oil-infused spray from Vancouver’s Scentuals will fragrance your home with a refreshing blend of vanilla, spearmint and peppermint. Spray anywhere you wish (linens, pillows, and rooms), avoiding wood surfaces.

6. Blush Peony Time Out Water Bottle, $40Blush Peony Time Out Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with Vancouver-based Blush Peony’s Time Out water bottle. Not only is it super-stylish with its frosted glass and gold details, but it’s also a handy way to remember to drink more water. The bottle is time stamped for each hour of your day to make sure you’re sipping on the steady. Hand wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately.