Mad Science!

Not long ago, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were making headlines for an infamous accident with an out-of-control cannonball. But now, the science-loving MythBusters duo is crossing the continent on a tour that brings them to Vancouver this weekend for two live stage shows. In their honour, we take a look back at the 10 best myths that MythBusters has ever busted — or, in fact, confirmed.
By Rob Howatson

Idol Time

American Idol is back for an all-new round, but this time, without a single shakeup behind the judges’ table.
By Jay Bobbin

Q&A: Christina Applegate

The Up All Night star talks about how her own experience of being a new mom is reflected in her latest TV comedy role.
By Brent Furdyk

Gadget Guide

You still can’t make a phone call with the latest iPod Touch, but as a portable media player, it’s tough to beat.
By Shawn Conner


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